Monday, September 06, 2010

Betta Fish Care Tips

The following basic tips can help you keep your Betta fish healthy and active:

1. A tank large enough to allow lots of swimming space so the fish won't bump and tear its fins or scales and it also ensures that the water has adequate oxygen level. Most experts recommend to buy a minimum of a 3-gallon tank for the Betta to have plenty of room. Keep the bowl or tank away from sources of hot and cold such as heaters, A/C ducts, windows, etc. because the fish container be kept between 65 to 75 degrees F.

2. Betta fish do not require a filtration system but do need the cleanest water you can provide them. Changing the water around every three days will keep it clean and prevent infection in your fish. The water you use to replace the tank water should have set out for 24 hours, to release some of the chemicals.

3. Ensure that the bottom of the bowl or tank is debris free because debris sitting at the bottom will make the water cloudy and unhygienic for the fish and will also cause the water to smell. Avoid using soap when cleaning assories because traces of soap will change the water pH.

4. Bettas are also called Siamese fighting fish because the males will fight each other to the death. They are highly territorial fish and will react violently if two are placed in the same tank so avoid putting two males in the same tank. Females can stay together as well as one male with many females. Betta fish can also be kept with guppies.

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